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2017 JEI Essay Contest Winners!

We want to thank all the 2017 Essay Contest participants for making this year’s contest another success.  We read some amazing, inspiring essays that are a clear reflection of the talent of this generation.  Congratulations everyone!
Without further delay, JEI is proud to announce all winners of the 2017 Essay Contest.
To download the report card, please click here
If you need assistance downloading your report card, please contact your testing center.
Grand Prize:   Arushi Malik, 7th grade (North Edison, NJ)
2nd Grade:
1st place: Siya Gopal (San Ramon, CA)
2nd place: Vishv Dhanraj (Milpitas, CA)
3rd place: Nathan Hsu (Livingston, NJ)
Honorable Mention: Diya Sharma (Folsom, CA), Tara Viswanath (Morrisville, NC), Kaya Moonka (San Ramon, CA)
3rd Grade:
1st place: Yonnie Yang(Austin, TX)
2nd place: Rehan Pagarkar(Marlboro, NJ)
3rd place: Sathvik Kasarla(Bedminster,NJ)
Honorable Mention: Lyla Jeon (San Diego, CA), Rebecca Chen (Ashburn, VA), Adittya Nischal (Herricks, NY), Yubin Ha (Austin, TX)
4th Grade:
1st place: Arav Atre(Marlboro, NJ)
2nd place: Renee Ding(Livingston, NJ)
3rd place: Isabelle Son(Cresskill-Tenafly, NJ)
Honorable Mention: Ethan Rhee (San Diego, CA), Jonathan Rhee (San Diego, CA), Laurie Kwok (Forest Hills, NY)
5th Grade:
1st place: Nikhita Bhatt(Gaithersburg, MD)
2nd place: Raaneya-Zarah Dehlavi(Manalapan, NJ)
3rd place: Juliet Lee(Cresskill-Tenafly, NJ)
Honorable Mention: Anish Kumar (San Ramon, CA), Srija Kasarla (Bedminster, NJ), Aishani Singh (East Fremont, CA), Isaac Abraham (Franklin Park, NJ), Siri Manneri (Cary, NC)
6th Grade:
1st place: Hannah He(Livingston, NJ)
2nd place: Vishali Vijayakumar(North Edison, NJ)
3rd place: Ryan Cho(Great Neck, NY)
Honorable mention: Michael Seifin (Franklin Park, NJ), Shreya Vempati (Old Bridge, NJ), Jaival Trivedi (Hillsborough, NJ), Sarah Zhou (Livingston, NJ)
7th grade:
1st place: MinGyu Sung(Calgary, AB)
2nd place: Rajasvi Patel(North Edison, NJ)
3rd place: Ella Chang(Warren, NJ)
Honorable Mention: Safiyaah Huda (Ashburn, VA), Claire Kim (Closter, NJ), Annabelle Zhang (Livingston, NJ), Sanjana Bandi (Franklin Park, NJ)
8th Grade:
1st place: Alan Wu(Livingston, NJ)
2nd place: Hye-lin Kim(Fort Lee, NJ)
3rd place: Josh Hemingson(Livingston, NJ)
Honorable Mention: Pranitha Madaka (Levittown, PA), Nitya Guduru (Levittown, PA), Ayush Manoj (Missouri City, TX), Lexine Jerome (Forest Hills, NY), Maya Teittinen (Dublin, CA)



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